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-Code of Conduct-

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In order to preserve an enjoyable experience in the guild, a set of rules has been created. The purpose of the guild rules is to provide a standard for all members to follow in guild activities as well as in solo play.
The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines to help members and officers deal with and resolve situations that may arise in the guild. They are merely a tool, not law, and are subject to common sense.

All members are required to treat each other as equals, and must show respect for each other even if they are on bad terms or in disagreement. Be mature, don't be some snot nosed punk with a chip on his shoulder and a bad attitude. If you have REAL problems with someone take it to an officer. They'll help you out. This might look like it contradicts our general behaviour, but it doesn't. It's a fine line to walk between just teasing someone, and openly flaming them or insulting them. One is done in fun, the other is done in malice. There's no place for malice in Lorica. You're expected to be an adult, and work things out accordingly. Drama gets you no where so don’t bring it.

Members should respect the position of officer and follow officer instructions when relating to matters that involve guild rules and policies.

Be courteous to others. We aren't going to pretend we are always polite, or that we don't use profanity, because we do. Everyone is given a chance and given the benefit of the doubt but the moment they take advantage of us they lose our respect and getting it back is not an easy thing to do. Don't flame those who haven't earned it. Keep the profanity and loquacious behaviour confined to guild chat and let the officers deal with the jackasses. Joking around in good fun is fine, but you know damn well when you are crossing the line.

Each and every member of Lorica holds equal standing with every other member. Every voice has equal weight on guild issues. No one will be censored for their opinions and no one should feel as though they cannot speak their mind. Don't drag drama bullshit into guild chat, we despise soap opera bullshit. HOWEVER, If you disagree with loot policy, this is the only time you will be slapped upside the head with a 2x4 for not having the sense to discuss it rationally with an officer. Why on loot? Because even if you are asking a simple question why someone got something without even being upset about it you just marginalized their upgrade and robbed them of their happy time. You could just want to know why that class would get that item and still stir up more shit then you can handle. You better not use this as an opportunity to whine. DO NOT SEND THE WINNER A TELL ASKING THEM WHAT THEY HAD OR COMMENT - YOU WILL BE FUCKING YOURSELF OVER FAST.


We expect you to give your all for the guild, and in return we will give our all for you. If someone needs your help, give it. If you need some help, ask for it (you may have to ask LOUDLY to get our attention) and you'll get it.

Attitude and personality
We expect you to be a serious raider, but being jolly and having a good sense of humour is more than healthy in our guild as the guild chat may often be quite colourful. You must have a high tolerance for harsh language and pressure from others.

And at last, you must understand that when raid setups are made by GM/Officers, you have no say in that. We’ll rotate people as much as we can, to make it as fair as possible for everyone, while not gimping our progress and also somewhat according to loot so drops aren't wasted. Mutual respect and a mature attitude are keywords.


Disputes between members are going to occur at some point; it's human nature. Settle any disputes via /tell, not in /g chat, as this will only complicate and compound the matter. If the problem persists, contact an impartial officer to help resolve the matter. Lets try to maintain a semblance of maturity when dealing with each other.

Ninja Looting

There will never, ever, ever be any excuse for this that won't get you immediately booted from the guild. I can not emphasize this enough. It doesn't matter if the party you are in is full of Ninja looting nubs who took all your stuff and killed your pet panda.

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