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Guild Ranks.

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Guild Master & Officers
The management of the guild. Responsibly for general guild upkeep and maintenance. Behind the scenes miracle workers.

Those in the Officer and Guild Master ranks will be responsible for fulfilling the following duties / requirements:
* Keeping the guild's best interest as the ultimate goal in all decisions and actions.
* Making an effort to analyze and understand the opinions of every member before making decisions that affects the guild as a whole. The Officers and Guild Master will make the final decision on all topics.
* Forming, leading, and maintaining the schedule of guild raids.
* Upkeeping the DKP system and making needed corrections / adjustments as needed.
* Keeping a friendly but successful atmosphere both in game and on the forums. This includes mediating any arguments or conflicts that arise. If a conflict cannot be solved despite the best efforts of the leadership the Officers and the Guild Master will vote on whether or not to remove the source(s) of the conflict in order to restore peace in the guild.

Class Leaders
Leaders for each individual class within the guild. Class leaders offer support to their class with respect to their skills, methods, talent builds and their role in a guild raid. They also decide if a new trial member has made the cut.

Classleaders are responsible for fulfilling the following duties / requirements:
* Evaluating trials
* Mentoring and training new and existing members if required
* Checking if members are ready for a raid (tactics, items, addons etc)
* Aiding the Officers during raids by promptly responding to their command
* Identifying problems within their class section during the raid and resolving it.
* Helping to decide which members should go on each raid.

Core Member
The rank of Core Member will be reserved for the most dependable and skilled raiders within the guild. This rank will be awarded to those who can attend regularly to raids and to those who show up prepared and knowledgeable of the strategies. Core Members will know where they are supposed to be and how to do their job. Not only that but they will be expected to excel at their job. Core Members will be held to the highest standards and those who cannot keep this standard up will be demoted.

Members are the backbone of the guild and are made up of those who work towards increasing their status in the guild and towards their role in the raid. Members have proven their worth and ability to listen and follow directions, but still need to put in the time and effort to be promoted further.

As a member of Lorica you must do certain things to be a classed as a member of the guild. It’s not just enough that you were recruited and that you’re in the guild. You have to put effort in to the guild and achieve goals. This means that:
* You must be an active member of the guild.
* If you need to be offline for a day or two, or can't come to a raid, post on the forums and let us know.
* If you cant make a raid on time but would like to come anyway, tell an officer or raid leader.
* Try your best to help out other members, go to instances with them, and donate items for guild bank and guild crafters.
* Don’t expect items from the guild bank if you haven’t donated anything. Or if the item you want is needed for a better reason. Guild crafters have priority on everything.

If you want to bring your alt(s) into the guild, your main will always take priority. Remember: We recruited your main not your alt so your main is what was needed in raids.
If you get angry that your alt didnt get into the raid, reroll to your alt and make a new application for that char otherwise "shut your cakehole".

"Of course you want your IRL friends and even good wow friends to be in the same guild as you and to share in the fun." We have a tolerance for this and friends are welcome to join. These members join on a strict non-raiding condition. So please don't come crying to me about raid spots. At a certain stage you might be called up to join a raid, this is a privilege and should not be seen as "I'm now a raider" you are a friend. when we need to recruit a specific class we will check through our guild Friends and see if we can draw from there, that is when you can become a raider.


This is the people that are recruited for raid purposes. When recruited your initiative rank is "Trial" and you automatically enter a trial period. During this trial period (Class leaders decide the duration of your trial period), you may accumulate DKP points, but they can not be spent. If there is a situation, where an item drops and no member or player of higher rank needs it, you are able to 'need' the item, if you get approval from officers.

During your trialist period you are expected to have high attendance to our raids.
This means showing up on time, prepared with flasks/elixirs/pots/food and most importantly a good mood.
We don't want no halfass tired slackers that whine about wipes or loot or anything else.

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